Anyone who has seen the poorest of the poor, feels rich enough to share.

(Albert Schweitzer)
We do not look away, but we can help.Help as well!

With 33 Cent can you ...

  • • Surf the Internet for no more than half an hour, or
  • • make a two minute call on your mobile phone, or
  • • smoke one and a half cigarettes, or
  • • fill up about a quarter of a liter of gasoline, or
  • • drink less than half an espresso or

... you can give a child a happy day!

Because for only 33 cents a day, you can ensure that a child in India gets enough healthy food, wears decent clothes, undergoes an excellent education, receives a secure medical care and thus can lead a decent life.You offer the child the opportunity to escape the vicious circle of poverty.

How is that possible?

Through a sponsorship with which you promise to give your godchild € 120.00 a year.This money is administered by the Salesian Fathers of Don Bosco and used only for the needs of children when it is really necessary.This way, no one else, not even the family itself, has the possibility to misuse the money for other purposes.Of course it is also possible to give an additional annual donation or a gift to the child, its school or the newly constructed hospital.

For example, a child can be clothed for a year forabout five euros (5,00 €).

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