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It is important to know

a) that a sponsorship should be longer than one year because you allow the child to attend school and in case of early termination school attendance could be cancelled.

b) that you don’t enter into any long-term commitment with the acquisition of a sponsorship.You can terminate a sponsorship at any time without explanation.Just let us know.

c) that all administrative costs are purely funded through membership fees.Not a cent of the money donated will be used for this purpose.

d) that the managers on site use every cent for your protégé.They are accountable to us for projects they carry out (e.g. new school, lessons, etc.).

e) thatyou will receive an annual mailing from your sponsored child  and that the sponsored children are happy when they get mail from their godparents.

f) thatif youhave opportunities to travel you can visit your sponsored child and can take a look for yourself.

g) that we will provide a donation receipt deductible from income tax.


It would be enough if the rich would reach out to the poor.

(Andreas Wetzel)
Our projects in India, Namibia, Bangladesh and Nepal are generally led and managed by the Salesian Fathers of Don Bosco.Sponsored children are cared for by them.

Rickets Children

For several years we have supported a project in Shillong, Meghalaya.There, children are suffering from rickets, a disease that is caused by lack of vitamins, especially vitamin D and inadequate or unbalanced diet.In Shillong (in northeastern India), we currently serve thousands of children.Many of the children live from 400 to 500 kilometers away.We provide these children with the necessary medicines and vitamins in pill form, in liquid form and by high dose injections.This is done in a four-week period we call "doctors camp".The children are brought by their parents, doctors and a team of helpers register them, the children are examined and the results are exactly documented.This of course not alone in Shillong, but also in the wider area.Several thousand children could not be cared for in one place, so these doctors Camps are held at various locations.
This is a huge task that is performed as a side job by Father Jose Chunkapura, director of the Sacred Hearth College, which means beside all its diverse work at the seminary.He is assisted by a team of helpers, which work as a volunteer.The doctors work without remuneration, which is very admirable.
With a contribution of € 120,00 a year you support these dedicated people in the fight against this disease.From the managers on the ground you will get information on the progress of the healing of the children and a work report each year.

School sponsorship

With the acquisition of this sponsorship you enable children of destitute parents to attend school (which would otherwise not be possible), to pay the school fees (tuition fees, learning materials, school uniforms, etc.);the children also receive vitamin-rich food.In an emergency, children also get medical care.All this for an amount of 120.00 € per year.This support will benefit all those children who need it the most. You receive an annual report from the managers on the ground showing how your contribution is used.

Sponsor a child

With the acquisition of this type of sponsorship you enable a particular child to attend school.You assume the cost of schooling (school fees, learning materials, etc.) and school clothes for the child.Furthermore, our people also see that the child gets adequate food.In an emergency, the child receives medically help.All this for an amount of120,00 EUR per year.You will receive a photo and the available data of the child as well as a short description of the family situation.

The sponsorship normally ends with the degree of the child.You will be immediately informed thereof.However, it may happen that the child leaves the place with his family and moves to a remote area, so the contact cannot be maintained.Also, in rare cases, it may happen that the child no longer wants to go to school and breaks off.In such cases, the sponsorship for this child is terminated and you will be immediately notified.You will be asked to start a sponsorship for another child.

We ask you to pay for a child sponsorship only after you get the data, including photo, of your sponsored child.Indeed, it is very important, that the name of the sponsored child is indicated when you make the payment!

Sponsor a hospital

With this sponsorship you give us the possibility to treat patients for free in the hospital we support, ie stationary food, medicine and medical care.The cost of a hospital bed is 120,00 € per year.

Donation receipt

You will receive a receipt for your donation allowing you to deduct the donation from your taxes.
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